rhythm without end

Rhythm Without End, 2021 Design Museum Helsinki. Gelatin silver prints (photograms). Aino Aalto, Bolgeblick, 1932, pressed glass, Manufacturer: Iittala. An Index of Infinite Rotation, 2019-20, the artist’s photographs of material in the Design Museum archive and collection; images from the Design Museum image archive.
Photos: Paavo Lehtonen

eclipse sequence

Eclipse Sequence, 2019, HIAP, Helsinki. Aniline goatskin, HD video, mirrors, bookplates from Josef Sudek: The Commercial Photography of Družstevní Práce. Photos: Sheung Yiu

HIAP Open Studio Spring 2019_020

HIAP Open Studio Spring 2019_024

HIAP Open Studio Spring 2019_023

HIAP Open Studio Spring 2019_022

HIAP Open Studio Spring 2019_021 copy

deux lumières

Deux Lumières, 2017. HD video, 7’19. Filmed at Maison Louis Carré, Bazoches-sur-Guyonne with permission from Association Alvar Aalto en France



XYZ, 2015, fragment of Artek wool upholstery, silkscreen on perspex, galvanised steel, goatskin, gouache painting on pigment prints. Photos: Ben Westoby

Caitlin Yardley - Artwork (6)

Caitlin Yardley - Installation (4) 03_Caitlin Yardley_XYZ_2015_gouache painting on giclee print04_Caitlin Yardley_XYZ_2015_gouache painting on giclee print 02_Caitlin Yardley_XYZ_2015_gouache painting on giclee print

05_Caitlin Yardley_XYZ_2015_goatskin, steel_123x48cm

Caitlin Yardley - Installation (6)

08_Caitlin Yardley_XYZ_2015_screen print on perspex, goatskin, gouache painting on giclee prints, steel

Caitlin Yardley - Artwork (7)

01_Caitlin Yardley_XYZ_2015_goatskin_62x46cm

forum sequence

Forum Sequence, 2014. polypropylene carpet, yoga mat, reconstituted stone interpretation of Edouard Marcel Sandoz’s Lapin Une Oreille Levée by Sue Dawes for ARTFORUM. Produced in collaboration with Gemma Weston for Medium, Moana Project Space, Perth. Photos: Casey Ayres
















open cube

Open Cube curated by Adriano Pedrosa, White Cube, Mason’s Yard, London 2013. Photos: Ben Westoby



Caitlin Yardley Peripheral Orbit (b) 2012 (screen res)











Caitlin Yardley Peripheral Orbit (b) 2012 (screen res) 1











Caitlin Yardley Black Refract (quilt) 2012 (screen res)












Caitlin Yardley Black Refract (quilt) 2012 (screen res) 2

peripheral orbit

Peripheral Orbit, 2013. goatskin rug, steel, silkscreen and oil on canvas, concrete, tuning fork, dog’s toy ball, fashion journal, inkjet transparency prints, stained timber, images from the Freud family archive. Photos: Sam Drake




















12  2





Yardley 03  5


6       7 8

changing direction after entering at an angle

Changing direction after entering at an angle, 2012, oil on canvas, pigment print, tuning fork, stained timber, concrete, steel, Amish quilt. Photos: Joe Clark





















02_Caitlin Yardley_Black Refract (Lattice)_2012_68x53cm_oil on canvas



















4_MG_9454                 5_MG_9473


















08_Caitlin Yardley_Black Refract (Whirligig Variation)_2012_68x61cm_oil on canvas